Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Most of us here in the United States experienced record-breaking freezing temperatures with the arctic polar vortex, Hercules, which occurred last week.

I never could get warm. My house reminded me of being inside a refrigerator at the food bank. I once took a tour with my sons’ scout troop, and it was so funny watching them react to the walk-in freezer. They liked it!
My youngest running through freezer at food bank several years ago

I’d rather stay close to the oven, munch on whatever happens to be in my refrigerator at the time… carrot sticks, orange slices, leftover macaroni and cheese… closing the door real quick behind me.

This week, I’d like us to think of the word refrigerate and/or refrigerators. How can you use the word refrigerate loosely in a poem? Step out of the box and come up with something fresh… (pun intended) LOL.

What about your refrigerator? What’s in it? Use the contents to inspire you.

Or a small fridge in a dorm... what would fraternity guys store in one of those? Hmm.

Maybe you’d like to write about a walk-in refrigerator. Imagine getting stuck in one. Who would you want to be with you? What would you do?

Refrigerator as a metaphor is another possibility.

PLEASE TRY to keep your piece under 50 words. After all, who wants to spend a lot of time in the cold?

*All photos, with the exception of mine, were taken from the free pics domain*


  1. Nice prompt, Laurie. Looking forward to reading some 'chilling' pieces!

  2. nice..have mine written and it will be up in the morning...fun stuff....50 words....

  3. I made it in 50 words or less three times! This was a fun prompt and took me in a direction I did not expect to go!! Thank you Laurie. Looking forward to seeing what others will post!

  4. Fun prompt and i got there in just under 50, well Done Laurie, it certainly made me think

  5. Almost missed that 50 word restriction! Never felt so much love for my refrigerator before!

  6. We have sweltering heat here In Melbourne...

  7. Thanks everyone! I'm a little late, but things are tough right now.

  8. Okay, I have a refrigerator story. I will post it. Hee hee.Not sure if I can say it in 50.....

  9. oh wow.... I did not count the words If I remember from school you do not have to count the small words so if that is true then I am fine.

    1. Rae Ann, yours was just fine. What's a few extra words between friends? Smiles.

  10. Have to struggle a bit to fit into 50 words! hope i could still convince you all with my thoughts!

  11. Laurie, a perfect prompt since I have spent the past week freezing!! Looking forward to reading everyone's poems :-)


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